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Eating out in Zurich

Zurich eating out

As you might expect from a city like Zurich, there's a wealth of variety in eating and drinking possibilities, with as much available at the bottom end of the market as at the top.

Zurich offers a wealth of places to eat cheaply and reasonably well. The self-service Manora, on the fifth floor of the Manor department store at Bahnhofstrasse 75, has good, balanced meals of all kinds for Fr.10-15. You'll find plenty of falafel, sausage, noodle and chip stalls all along Niederdorf, but you can often do better with the daily special (around Fr.12) at one of the beerhalls.

In the station you're spoiled for choice but, in addition to the handy Rösti Bar up on street level (from Fr.12), check out the stand-up Suan Long, on the lower shopping level (daily 10.30am-9.30pm), which does filling Asian dishes for Fr.12-15.

Another stand-up place is Wave International, in the Jelmoli department store on Seidengasse, with excellent Italian, Swiss, Asian, Turkish and Arabic nosh for Fr.8-13.

The Mensa Polyterrasse, on Kunstlergasse at the university - turn right out of the Polybahn - has full meals, including veggie, for Fr.10.50, less for students (Mon-Fri & every other Sat 11.15am-1.30pm, also Mon-Thurs & every other Fri 5.30-7.15pm).